Privacy Policy

Before using the 'Krishi Help' website, we recommend that users equip themselves with the knowledge of the privacy policy of our website so as to continue using the website under the said policy. By continuing to use the 'Krishi Help' Website, user is agreeing to have read the privacy policy.

We respect the privacy of our users, owing to which, we do not collect any sensitive personal information of the users other than that information which is needed to interact with the user, as in the case of response to an email or contact number. The user may choose to fill out the contact us form on our website, which will seek to gain the email address or postal address of the user and may submit it to us through the website. It is declared that such information will only be brought to use for the purpose of responding to query messages by the user. In some cases, the information may also be used to provide pertinent information to the user relating to his use of our website.

Information collected form a user is never used for the purpose of creating any individual profiles or for commercial marketing activities. It is also declared here that we strongly recommend users not to provide the website with any sensitive information other than contact details, for the sake of their privacy.