About Us

In a country like India, where farming and agriculture form the major constituents of the economic activity, it is expected that its foundations must be strong enough to accommodate the dominant lot of the economy. However, what we have known since independence are the ways in which farmers in India are grilled to work hard and earn a lot less than what they deserve. Even today, the farmers continue to work in an obsolete environment, unaware of the technological advancement that has occurred during the last few years.

For a developed India, it is pertinent that every sector of the economy should move at the same pace. In the process of aiding the farmers in India to gain more strength and prominence, ‘Krishi Help’ has been designed, which is an initiative to eradicate the long standing gap between the farmers and adequate knowledge about the state of affairs relating to their produce. This initiative brings the average India farmer, closer to understanding the markets, technological advancements in the field of agro, latest products like pesticides, seeds, fertilisers and brings them in contact with leading companies and dealers in the field who trade fairly. The Krishi Help app is a platform for farmers as well as dealers, seeking to create an egalitarian environment for farmers.